Aaron Roth of Arkon Mounts Visits The Power Of Great

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With Social Media and especially live streaming and video content marketing beginning to shape the way businesses, brands, and products get visible, stay relevant, and even produce more sales there is one company that is revolutionizing the way its created and developed.  I recently sat down with the Vice President of Sales for Arkon Mounts, the Los Angeles California based company to discuss how they are becoming the go-to brand for live streamers, influencers, and businesses alike for video and live streaming mounts.  You can listen to that full episode above via Soundcloud, download it on iTunes, or watch the full video interview below.

While the company has been in place for over 25 years, with Aaron being on board for 18 of those, its the past two years that have stood out to me regarding the rise of this companies brand and business model.  I first discovered them in 2015 via the live streaming application called Periscope.  At that time Aaron was truly stepping into his own as the most accessible VP of a major company that I’ve personally ever seen.  His dedication to reach out to consumers to not only market the Arkon mount brand, but to also gain advice and insight from those very consumers who are using the inventory as well.



With products like the TWBroadcaster, The CandyCaster, and the TriCaster, Aaron and Arkon Mounts are helping businesses, speakers, entrepreneurs, and brands not only compete in this fast-paced and noisy marketplace, but also are helping everyday individuals find their voice, start their own live streams, and begin to live out their dreams of starting businesses and interacting with their favorite personalities.

Right now you can visit www.arkon.com and use the coupon code “mattcrane” to save 20% off your entire order and I suggest that if you are in business, looking to get more sales, or even create better quality video content, you get an Arkon Mount Today.  My favorite and MUST HAVE in my content creation inventory is the MG2TRIXL or 11″ Tripod.  With a simple design, sturdy holder, and travel case, this mount is not only simple to use but comes at a $20 price point that anyone can afford.


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