How This Veteran Is Changing The Way Businesses Use Video To Transform Their Brand

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I recently sat down with United States Military veteran now entrepreneur Chance Wiggins.  During our interview I learned so much from this business professional and decided to outline our interview for this article.  


One of the first things that stood out to me about Chance, was his soft spoken and focused demeanor.  I come into contact on a daily basis with entrepreneurs, business professionals, and individuals alike.  At the same time, I see a number of veterans who are stepping out into the business world and becoming entrepreneurs.  Chance is doing something really special with his business Skye Image.


Known as “The Drone Guy” Chance is revolutionizing the way businesses market, create content, and use video through drones and in-air video technology.  I was able to ask Chance a few questions regarding his time in the military and how it helped him make the transition to the business world.  


What Was The Draw For You To Become An Entrepreneur

For me it was simple, I enjoy having the opportunity to create something from my passions. I enjoy knowing that everything my family has is from my own hard work and determination to be better today than I was yesterday.  Having that freedom is also important because it allows me to earn for my family but not sacrifice the majority of my time to spend with them.  I simply can’t trade time for money anymore.


Was The Transition From Military To Business Difficult

It really wasn’t for me. The biggest change was going from such a hostile environment like the Korengal Valley to a pleasant and peaceful environment like my home.  At the end of the day, for me, I have been trained to handle any situation and coming home and diving right into business helped me make that business transition so much easier.  Keeping myself productive and creating opportunities for others was the best therapy I could have ever received.


Chance also interviewed with me on my popular podcast called the Power Of Great and what he shared with me on that interview shows another layer of how powerful Chance is when it comes to giving back and truly wanting to empower businesses and individuals through his company.


Why Are Drones Becoming Popular To Use In Business

What drones allow businesses to do, especially in certain fields like real estate or building inspections is simply create a smarter and more efficient way to show properties, and offer a total inspection of every aspect of the new home and/or business.  I believe that building and home inspections will use drones more and more moving forward for these types of processes.  


What Made You Create Your Business Around The Usage Of Drones

Well other than it allowed me to channel my inner kid, I loved the idea of flying drones when I first learned about them.  At the same time, the way you can now incorporate the flying aspect with live video and recorded video to create an experience was something that I bought into immediately.  What we do at Skye Image is offer each of our clients an experience like no other to help take their business to the next level through a unique way to advertise and market.  Drones offer me an opportunity to give each client a competitive advantage over their competitors as well.


What Can We Expect Next From Skye Image and Chance Wiggins

We are going to continue pushing the envelope on what Skye Image can do for its clients.  We are also going to stay in front of the drone phenomenon so that we always provide the most cutting edge technology and service for our clients and the marketplace as a whole.


Chance is a true quiet giant, and was also recently featured as a red carpet invitee to the Maxim Super Bowl party in Houston Texas this year.  Chance takes everything he does not just personally but also aggressively.  He knows that the more he over delivers for his clients the better he can provide for his family. Chance is not only an entrepreneur to watch in 2017 but his company Skye Image is one you will be hearing great things about for many years to come.

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