Micheal Burt Believes Everybody Needs A Coach In Life

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In today’s noisy marketplace and business climate, there are coaches that help small business owners, entrepreneurs, social media, and corporations alike.  Enter Micheal Burt, the Super Coach, who recognized that the marketplace was needing a coach who had a unique skill set and ability to reach all these.  Coach Burt is a former championship coach who teaches you how to run faster and become more agile in order to generate the success and income that you desire.

I was fortunate to interview Coach Micheal Burt on an episode of the Power Of Great podcast in which we discussed his recognition at an early age of wanting to become a basketball coach, to leaving that field at the top of his game in order to start his entrepreneurial journey of speaking, coaching, and training businesses, corporations, and individuals alike.

After leading the women’s basketball program and Riverdale High School to a state championship, national prominence, and being one of the hottest coaches on the marketplace, Coach Burt stepped away from the game he loved so much to tackle an even bigger challenge, owning a business.  Launching Micheal Burt Enterprises started after earning his first speaking engagement check that paid him more in one hour than he was making in an entire month.



Now the Super Coach is a leading business mind and highly sought after coach working with some of the biggest names in the financial advising, banking, real estate, and insurance markets.  His Monster Producer program is packed with individuals from across the world who are looking to improve their skills, network with high level peers, and enhance their opportunities to move the needle in their business and their life.  While our podcast episode is chalked full of golden nuggets from the Coach Burt, I asked him one question that stands out above all else.  I asked Coach Burt what is one thing he believes more than anything else.  He quickly responded with “Everybody Needs A Coach In Life”.

At some point in time, everyone is looking to improve their income, enhance their life, and push themselves to limits that they didn’t think possible.  In order to do that it would require a high level of accountability and the understanding of what types of activity it will take to get there.  A coach is that someone who can deliver the accountability and help you tap into the skill sets you possess to meet the demands of the activity you will need to create for that achievement.  This is why Coach Burt, who is already an accomplished best-selling author, has written his most ambitious book to date called “Everybody Needs A Coach In Life”.  At the same time, Coach Burt believed so much in the total growth of his clients that he created and developed a program to help everyone reach their full potential.



Coach Burt now has launched to the marketplace the Total Growth Academy that allows those from the around the world, access to the Super Coach and his programs.  To hear more from this powerful business leader and thought leader be sure to listen to the podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio, and Pandora.  Also be sure to visit www.coachburt.com for more on the Super Coach Micheal Burt.

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