3 Keys To Enhance Your Sales Through Digital & Video Branding

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  For the majority of us that have even been online we are fully aware of how it is changing the way we get our information, shop for our favorite products, and research just about anything we can think of.  What is becoming even more evident is that businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and even professionals are not only turning to the online platform to grow their business but are beginning to spend more time online than television and other forms of traditional media than ever before. Statistics and the overall trend in the market place is showing that by the year 2019 […]

Are You Trying To Impress With Success or Be Addressed For Success

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What type of business do you have?  Do you own a storefront, run an online business, or are currently building a brand?  Maybe you are an employee or in a corporate environment.  Regardless of your situation you have to ask yourself , are happy with where you are financially and/or personally?  For the majority of those that I have asked this particular question to they simply are looking for more out of their job, their business, or their personal lives.   Let’s take this a step a further.  How many of you have been asked the question “How are you doing […]

3 Keys For Expansion To Take Flight In Your Business and Life.

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On a recent family trip out of the country with my family to places such as Turks and Caicos, St. Martin, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Half Moon Cay,  I was compelled to pen this article as the beginning of my trip really jump started several key revelations in my mind. To set the tone of this article my two boys have never flown commercial before as we’ve always either used private planes or just taken plane rides via friends and colleagues who couldn’t resist to taking them up. I was very tense knowing that my boys can get restless […]

The Ryan Lochte Effect: The Cost Of Doing DUMB Business

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The Olympic games have always been the measuring stick countries and its citizens and/or inhabitants have used for bragging rights until the next Olympic games.  The Summer and Winter games bring out the very best each country has to offer and whether you watch them or not, we all love to monitor the medal count.  This year provided another great games as we saw Michael Phelps end his legendary career with another stellar swimming performance, the United States Men’s and Women’s basketball teams won Gold, and the fastest man on planet earth, Usain Bolt cemented his place among the greatest […]

5 Elements to Building Your Blueprint for Business

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If you own a business, have started a business, or are thinking about doing so what do you find to be the best strategy?  Did you go the conventional route or did you choose an unconventional method?  There are many resources sitting out there that will help you navigate the business waters; however, it’s important to understand that your business will require your input and dedication to building out its own definition.  As a consultant in the industry I have worked with businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations alike on expanding their bottom lines by enhancing and improving their processes in sales, […]

Power Of Prospecting On Twitter: 5 ways to better engage your targets!

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There are so many social media avenues today and the list continues to grow.  Throw in live streaming and you have a buffet table of social marketing tools at your disposal.  In my opinion one of the originators of social media marketing and prospecting is twitter.  While some will say that twitter is always playing defense rather than offense when it comes to the social media world, I would say that twitter is still a very powerful social media prospecting tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike.  Twitter still has a powerful punch on the market and with over 300 […]

Power of Prospecting on Instagram: 5 ways to get more engaged traffic on the platform

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Instagram has become a major tool for businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs alike to find new business and look to connect more efficiently with their target market.  When you break down Instagram by the numbers its impressive the type of analytics they offer its users on the platform.  For instance… 400 Million Active Users Over 60% Log In Daily 90% of users are younger than 35 Engagement on Instagram is 10x higher than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest, and 84x higher than Twitter 3.5 billion likes every day on Instagram These stats are just a few of the impressive ones Instagram […]

The Power of Business Intelligence: Analytical Tools that are Changing The Game

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As the marketplace continues to move more and more to online channels for sales and marketing reach, the need for strong analytical tools are a must have for any business, brand, or product to capture that much valued customer data.  Because the current marketplace is so fast-paced and adding innovative technology daily, those who understand the power of business intelligence will truly stand to gain more traction and win more clients.  The team at Sesame Software led by its visionary CEO/Founder Rick Banister have developed data integration and warehouse products known as the Relational Junction product suite that during my […]

Power Of Prospecting on Facebook: 3 Ways To Better Use The Platform

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Facebook is the largest social media platform with an average of 1.3 billion monthly users.  The numbers alone yield an immediate response of those on social media to make sure they are utilizing the Facebook platform to it’s full potential.  Out of the 1.3 billion users, 1 billion of those are mobile users and on average over 18 minutes per day per user is attributed to Facebook which is more than any other social media platform. Now that social selling, business building, and brand expansion is being done online and Facebook leading the charge, the need to become a more […]

Power Of Prospecting Online: 5 Strategies to build better relationships

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5 Keys To Better Prospect Business Online Online traffic has become the means in which companies communicate with their client base and individuals communicate their lives in this new aged economy.  There are transactions happening daily and hourly on the world wide web and for those of you who are looking to leverage these channels to improve, increase, or enhance business opportunities you will need to learn how to prospect online to get attention, build a target market, and create strong relationships to yield closed business. There are videos after videos and posts after posts to help you in your […]