3 Keys For Starting Your Consulting Business.

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The consulting industry experienced another growth year in 2015 to a $175 billion industry and is showing another progressive year in 2016. (http://clearsightadvisors.com/top-consulting-trends-for-2016) There are so many different types of coaches/consultants in the marketplace today. Examples such as social media, business, life, and media are among the most popular. As an entrepreneur who owns his own consulting business there are so many variables that will change as your business grows. At the same time, you are facing steep competition in this particular market so it’s important to identify specifics right away to begin landing clients and establishing yourself in the […]

Is your journey of success led by a GPS or a Road Map?

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Are You Reading A Map Or Using Your GPS? There is an overwhelming influx of “entrepreneurs” hitting the marketplace today.  It seems that gone are the days of “fashion trends” and arriving everyday are the new trend of being an entrepreneur, business owner, or independent freelancer.  I myself, have jumped into the entrepreneurial ring of fire by starting my own business consulting, speaking, and training company. That journey has been one that has had it’s ups and downs, back road rides, and moments sweating it out being lost and wondering if I had enough gas to get to the next stop; […]

Prospecting Like A Pro: 3 Tips You MUST Start Using RIGHT NOW to Explode your Pipeline

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3 TIPS TO BUILD A PIPELINE FOR LONG-TERM PROSPERITY One of the biggest problems that plagues most sales people is the inability to build a pipeline that is flowing two ways. They focus so much on the short term success of a sale rather than building a legacy of opportunities for long-term prosperity. This is primarily due to a lack of prospecting skills and understanding of how to properly build a sales pipeline of deal ready and deal development projects. It’s more prevalent among those new sales people who are hungry and ambitious to “close” and don’t understand the power […]

Turning Prospects from “Just Looking” to “Just Purchasing”

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Three engagement tools to incorporate into your sales process When walking into a big department store, what is the first common phrase the store greeters say to you? “Hey, how are you today?” That is not an engaging question but that is a passive-aggressive question. This means that they would love to talk to you, but only if you initiate the conversation. Rather, they should take this approach and say, “Good afternoon, what can I help you locate today?” Now they are engaging the customer and the customer can say they are just looking, or there is a specific items […]

Do Your Online Followers Pay You More Than Your Online Community?

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I recently hosted leading millennial social media strategist Brian Fanzo, better known online as @iSocialFanz on my podcast, his episode will be up next week and the podcast can be downloaded here bit.ly/iammattcrane.  Brian has been recently coined a phrase that I absolutely love.  What Brian says is that he “doesn’t build followers, he builds a community.”  I love that as it is so powerful and something that I see as a missing part of the way social media is being utilized today. When I first began REALLY using social media, I had no strategy, no method, and certainly no […]

3 Tips To Help You Stay In Your Lane: Too Many Damn Experts Driving These Days!

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According to the definition of expert on my recent google search it is stated that an expert is “A person who has a comprehensive & authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”  Common synonyms associated with being an expert is specialist, authority, and pundit.  We all know an expert and either follow them, read their books, watch their videos, or look to them for advice.  What the majority of us do as a default is ask those experts their opinions or advice on everything.  I know that I have done that very thing from time to time and […]

3 Fears Stopping Progress & Change

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With the current state of our society, the violence, the hate being promoted and the unrest of the world and it’s relationships with one another, one could say that we should all be worried.  One could say that, but for some that wouldn’t be the case.  You see businesses are being created virtually every minute, millions are being generated almost over night by many, and the economy, while always volatile, is being reported very positively.  What I’m seeing here is that for some it’s not going to be FEAR that rules but activity; however, for most that simply isn’t the […]

Build Your Business Following On Instagram

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There are reports that show brands have up to 25% more engagement on Instagram than any other social media platform.  While there are a number of social media channels for businesses to use, Instagram has become another one of those big names that have businesses clamoring to in order to engage their target market and build out a much broader audience base.  I have recently started to understand the power of Instagram for building out my business funnel on the platform. As a business coach, mentor international speaker, and podcast host I really hadn’t looked to Instagram as a business […]

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Become An Entrepreneur!

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Entrepreneurship is defined as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit, (www.businessdirectory.com).  Some of the most recognizable figures in the marketplace today are entrepreneurs.  Actors, musicians, athletes, are among some of those most notable entrepreneurs; however, names like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John, Shawn Thomas, Mark Zuckerburg just to name a few,  are those associated with the term.  While each of these individuals have a different background, created different businesses, and have achieved different levels of success, what they have in common is […]

What If: The Millennial Power Move that is redefining the way the world is Doing Business!

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By now the term millennial is as common a word as coffee or tea. It has also become the most studied and scrutinized word in recent years. With close to 80 million it has eclipsed the baby boomers as the largest and most diverse generation in history and just like baby boomers did during their run, millennials are now the main focal point for businesses, brands, and advertisers. While baby boomers changed the structural landscape of the marketplace literally and figuratively, millennials are now redefining it through their diversity, experiences, and the use of an “old” saying with a “new” […]