4 skills all Millennials MUST HAVE in order to silence their Baby Boomer critics and develop STRONG, Personal Brands!

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Currently the millennial generation is the largest and most diverse generation of people in the United States. It’s been forecast by the year 2025 that they will hold a 75% market share of all jobs in the U.S. economy. As a millennial myself, I am concerned what those jobs will look like by the year 2025 and what the qualifications might be for those as well. That’s why I am taking action on improving and increasing the skills of my most important brand asset, ME. Most millennials today are consumed with getting the feel-good job, the “title” opportunity, and the […]


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Exceptional people, no matter what the endeavor is believe it first, and then they see it.  They have an uncanny ability to manifest the things in their own mind into a reality.  Success might come to you because you’re lucky, you have good connections, or you’re particularly clever. Operating with a perpetual sense of urgency to go after your goal as hard as you can is a trait that only you can control.  If you are in sales I wanted to put together a quick 5 step process that defines how you can jump straight into the fire and earn […]

Make Your Eyes Look Younger

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The new 80/20 Rule: 5 CEOs that are winning the customer engagement game through social media.

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It’s definitely no secret that if you are in business, marketing, and sales you have heard of the 80/20 rule.  Many of the influencers in today’s market often refer to this concept.  In a recent blog that I read by Yaro Storak, he quoted the 80/20 rule being where 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your inputs.  The Godfather of Sales himself, Grant Cardone says that 80% give and 20% sell.  So as you can see the 80/20 rule means different things to different people.  What isn’t different is that the true power players in life, business, and […]

Don’t Like To Write??? Suck it up and make Blogging a Part of your Brand!

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While writing is definitely something I enjoy to do, I never valued the time it needs in order to truly put down something powerful on paper or a digital format.  For me writing was simply a way to express the way I felt about a particular situation or to serve as an opinion to a recent event.  I never appreciate the life it could breath into something, the legs it could take if written correctly, and the visibility it could bring positively or negatively my way based on the audience that viewed it.  What I really took for granted is […]

Solving Problems Like A Pro: Becoming a Client Engagement Specialist vs. Customer Service Representative

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  “When you deliver exceptional customer service regularly, you go from being a discretionary entity to a necessity.” ( John R. Dijulius III – Secret Service)  I will take this a step further and say that becoming exceptional at delivering excellent client engagement through solving problems will elevate you from amateur status to professional.  You see the amateur will categorize problems as either Simple of Complex and base their effort of solving them based on this classification.  The professional on the other hand, will only see a problem exists and will attack it with precision and quickness so that it […]

The POTUS is No Longer the Most Prestigious Job In The World: The GOP Debates Prove just That!

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You would literally have to be living under a rock to not notice the circus that is the Presidential Debates and Campaigns in the United States.  As we begin seeing the race take shape The Democrats and the Republicans trade shots back and forth on policy, jobs, the economy, foreign relations, etc.  While it seems that Hillary Clinton is running away with the Democratic nomination, what is crystal clear is that the Republican party has completely lost touch with itself and is on the verge of imploding.  While its always competitive and tough when candidates run for the nomination from […]

3 Tips To Move You Past The Gatekeeper For Good

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“Hello My name is Matt how may I direct your call?” We all know that the gatekeeper is always lurking especially for those of us that are in the sales field. I have spent countless hours over my lifetime in sales; talking, networking, and getting stopped by the gatekeepers that I wanted to put together my three top tips on how to get past the gatekeeper and not have to go back through them again. Understand that I do not feel negative about the gatekeepers and enjoy speaking with them now that I have perfected the right way to address […]

The 10X Rule 1000Xd My Family’s Life.

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On November 23rd 2010 and December 28th 2012 my life changed forever when my sons were born. It was also the beginning of me stepping away from the corporate world and into the entrepreneurial/business owner world. We went from having everything we wanted to the day we decided to move home and start our own journey, to having no money in reserves and no back up plan. Needless to say this completely changed the complexity of my marriage and family structure as I knew it. As I am driving the family home from Texas, I’m making phone calls in order […]

The Trillion Dollar Millennial: INSIDE THE MIND OF THE NEW “BOOM”

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What does it mean to be a millennial? Here lately it seems that that word is being mentioned everywhere. Did you know that in the United States alone there are over 80 million millennials and this group has become the largest and most diverse generation of people in the history of the United States? Did you also that economic trends are predicting that by 2025 this generation of people will control 75% of the workplace job market? As you can see, this is why everyone is talking about the millennials and why WE need to get inside their mind and […]