The Million Dollar TakeAway: My 5 minutes with Gary Vaynerchuk

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On Feb 23rd Gary Vaynerchuk embarked on one of the most ambitious LIVE STREAM events that I have personally ever witnessed.  He titled it the “SUPER 8” and it was one of the most ingenious Pre-Order book sale I have ever been a part of.  I recently discovered #AskGaryVee this year and, to be honest, feel really embarrassed by that because he is one of the most successful and sought after brand builders in the entire universe, not to mention the CEO of a multi-million dollar brand himself.  During today’s live stream event everyone that purchased a minimum of 8 […]

On-Boarding Net Promoters: How To Move Your Clients from the “Foyer” to “Living Room” in 90 Days.

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One of the most important things any business can create and boast about are clients and customers who are actively promoting, referring, and advocating for them in the marketplace. For some business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs this is the single greatest compliment that can be given. The Net Promoter Score is a measuring tool that businesses use to gauge where they are in client or customer satisfaction compared to their competition. Where do you think these types of customers or clients are found? Do you believe that they are created or simply decide one day to become a true net […]