The Power Of Great Podcast Voted Top Podcast To Listen To In 2017

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When I launched the Power Of Great podcast in June of 2015 I had no huge email list, I had no product to sell, and truth be told, I had no true understanding of how to launch a podcast.  What I did know is that deep down in my soul starting this podcast was something I wanted to do more than anything.  So without hesitating and with some guidance from my friend and CEO of Rush Impact Marketing Jeremie Warner, the Power Of Great Podcast was born.

I knew the message that I wanted to have resonate with everyone and that is your current situation is not your defining moment; however, I also knew that scripting a podcast and having a fancy production was something I wanted to stay from.  Listening to and following some of the greatest podcasters in the world like Lewis Howes, Tim Ferris, Jordan Harbinger, Pat Flynn, and Michael Hyatt, I wanted to be mentioned along side and respected with these greats.

Just recently through the hard work, relentless efforts to promote the podcast as organic as possible, and having been able to interview some of the best names in the business and entrepreneurial community, the Power Of Great podcast was recently voted as one of the Top 26 Podcasts to listen to in 2017 by CIO Magazine.

To read and view the full article use the link provided here

Be sure to download, subscribe, and review the Power Of Great podcast on iTunes and let me know how I can continue to be one of the top podcasts to listen to for many years to come.


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