This Young Entrepreneur is Changing The Face of Crowdfunding One Project At A Time

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Crowdfunding is taking flight and more businesses, charities, and individuals alike are turning to the platform in order to raise funds.  Online platforms such as and are perhaps the most popular sites used right now for these particular things.  While there are many who are looking to crowdfunding to help launch their project, product, book, or even business venture, what I saw lacking in this space was a true leader coaching, teaching, and helping people excel through this concept.  That is where entrepreneur, inventor, and accomplished speaker Brandon Adams enters picture.


As the inventor of the Arctic Stick, a beverage cooling project, Brandon thrust head first into entrepreneurship.  What started as a project to better sneak chilled shots into college football games at his alma mater Iowa State, turned into a true passion project.  After spending over $100,000 on perfecting this product Brandon knew in order to see the project come to life he needed to raise more money and he decided to crowd fund his product via kickstarter.  After exceeding his goal , Brandon’s idea was a full, functional product.  It was at this moment that Brandon knew his calling was to not just be an entrepreneur but to help other entrepreneurs realize their ultimate dreams for success by helping them understand the power of crowd funding their projects.



While crowd funding isn’t Brandon’s only successful venture, he hosts the highly popular University of Young Entrepreneurs podcast on iTunes, chairs the Young Entrepreneurs Convention every year, and mentors entrepreneurs and business people alike through his Live To Grind accelerator program and mastermind; what Brandon will tell you is that all of these successful ventures were spear headed through his passion of crowd funding and have only enhanced his opportunities to work with others who want to utilize this powerful tool.  Brandon has worked on numerous crowd funding projects; however, his recent ventures with one of the most well known podcasters on the planet John Lee Dumas is truly record breaking.


When JLD was deciding to launch his Freedom Journal to the world he knew in order to have maximum reach and create maximum impact he needed to utilize the crowd funding space to do so.  The expert in the space was Brandon Adams who just so happened to have had JLD as a guest on his UYE podcast.  What took place from this matching of the minds is nothing short of legendary.  At the time of the official launch and distribution of JLD Freedom Journal, with Bradon’s help, the project had raided $453,000 in just thirty three days and along the way became the 6th most published campaign of all time.  Brandon’s unique ability to understand the marketplace  while also understanding the needs and wants of those he consults is something that impresses even the biggest of names in any industry.

Brandon was a recent guest on Grant Cardone’s Ask A Pro show via the Grant Cardone digital television network which reaches millions of viewers from across the world.  When asked what led him to crowd funding Brandon responded by saying that he noticed their was lack of leadership and an overall voice in the space and he knew he had what it took to fill that void and add immediate value to those looking for guidance on how to dominate their crowd funding goals or expectations.

I was honored to have had Brandon as a guest on my podcast titled the Power Of Great which you can listen to by scrolling to very top of this blog post.  What you will hear is how one of the most sought after voices in the millennial space and crowd funding marketplace truly recognized that his current situation was not his defining moment.  I am proud to call Brandon a friend and proud to know that our generation has an individual such as himself guiding, leading, and pushing us all to be faster, think bigger, and live better.








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