Why Is Grant Cardone So Damn Obsessed?

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Since the age of five Grant Cardone has been selling and working deals.  The youngster from Louisiana has grown up to be one of the most influential, most respected, and most sought after sales experts on planet earth.  With multiple companies that will do over $100 million in sales and real estate holdings estimated at $350 million, Grant is amassing a dynasty of riches not just a net worth.  While things haven’t always been big houses and fancy cars for Cardone, he understood very early that in order to obtain success and sustainable wealth would only come from being obsessed with it.

According to dictionary.com, obsessed is to think about something unceasingly or persistently; dwell obsessively upon something. With Grant he takes this definition to an entirely different level.  While he thinks and dwells on his success and achieving another ring of that success, he also implements the activity that success requires from those who want to obtain it.  As the New York Times Best Selling Author of multiple books including If You’re Not First You’re Last, The 10X Rule, and Sell Or Be Sold there is simply no let up in Cardone’s hustle, his determination, and dedication to the success of his business, the success of his employees, and overall the success of his family.



Since first becoming aware of Grant over 18 months ago I have truly taken in as much of his content as possible; however, it is difficult to stay in front due to Grant always dropping new, fresh, and educational content on, what it seems to be, a daily basis.  So the question is why is Grant Cardone so damn obsessed with success and pushing the limits of every aspect of his business?  While there are many ways to possibly answer this question here are my top three answers to that question.


It’s His Duty

One of Grant’s favorite quotes is Success Is My Duty.  Obviously by title of this blog post, I would say that Success is his obsession.  During an interview that I had with Grant on my podcast titled the Power Of Great I asked him does his obsession change with his success?  His answer was simply YES.  As his success grows his obsession with achieving grows and the activity that he puts behind that grows as well.  He doesn’t care about anything less than knowing he was successful at everything he does.  His wife, his children, his church, his employees, his business partners, and his fans drive him and that drive consumes his needs to be successful at all times.


His Legacy Expects It

For someone who teaches taking no prisoners and 10xing everything that you do in life, Grant is building a legacy that just won’t be remembered for what he accomplishes but rather his legacy will expect success at all levels.  When you think legacy most would defer to accomplishments, money, fame, etc.  What Grant is doing is creating a legacy of expectations for those who he employs, those he’s mentored and trained, his products, and his family.  It truly is a special thing to see how quickly Grant can affect someone through his messages, his teachings, and his products.  It’s not just about the guarantee it’s about the expectation he wants to create and get in return from all those he helps in life.


What Else Would He Do

When you think about someone who pushes so hard, demands excellence and is so determined to help every client, every person who purchases a product or even reads his books what else would that person do but be obsessed with success and the success of those he encounters on a daily basis.  When you look at the way he takes care of his wife and his daughters, the respect his staff has for him, and how he pours into his social media community, it’s easy to see that Grant simply wouldn’t be doing anything else other than being obsessed with success.


Earlier in this article I told you that I came to be aware of Grant Cardone a little over 18 months ago.  What I didn’t tell is that I spent the last $50 to my name to invest in his program called How To Make Millions On The Phone.  This webinar, ebook, and downloadable content truly changed the course of my career, my family situation at the time, and the course of direction I was running towards.  Now I can boast being an entrepreneur, an elite sales person, a noteworthy podcast host, and an influencer in my space.  I can also say that Grant helped open up doors for me and my family that no other influencer or high profile celebrity had ever done before.  What is important is that Grant is truly so obsessed with his success that he takes the time to appreciate those who are just as obsessed with theirs.  He doesn’t judge by your where you are but rather by what you are doing to take you where you want to be.  So while I gave you three great reasons why I believe that Grant Cardone is obsessed I will end it here with this.  Why is Grant Cardone so damn obsessed?  Because I’m a product of that obsession.


As an added bonus enjoy Chapter 1 from Grant Cardone’s latest best seller titles Be Obsessed Or Be Average





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