Why This Six Figure Network Marketer is ReInventing Himself Without MLM

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“I would have made two or three more million dollars in network marketing if I had just done what everyone else as doing”.  This is a direct quote from Gregory Perdriel, whom I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with and learning more about this six figure earner in one of the toughest and most competitive climates in the business market, Network Marketing.

Growing up from humble beginnings in Queens NY and being raised by a single mother, Gregory had plenty of excuses and reasons to not chase the “dream” or even quit on pushing towards success; however, it fueled his need to grind even harder towards success.

After playing baseball in high school, Gregory was awarded the opportunity to play that sport in college.  However, after three semesters Gregory decided that it wasn’t for him and he dropped out to pursue more of his passions.  After watching others earn big incomes in direct sales and working from home on their laptops selling goods and services. Gregory was hooked.

Not one to toe the water, Gregory dove head first into the industry.  After years of failing, succeeding, and even being scammed, what he understood was that he a unique ability to create relationships and help others build businesses by leveraging the networks they had already created.  In 2012 at age 25 he had his breakthrough with a company called Motor Club Of America.

A simple business model, low cost to start, and great commission plan from a long standing relatively UNKNOWN company, matched with his way of marketing it allowed him to see his first big check of $2200. After receiving this payday, things began to blow up rapidly.  He began to receive dozens of emails with daily prospects leading to hundreds of sales per month allowing him to quickly start earning fifteen to twenty thousands dollars per month.

After years in the network marketing industry and creating wealth that he never imagined possible, Gregory is now embarking on a new journey of teaching others how to leverage the world wide web to create a business and begin earning the money that they have always wanted to.  While there are many gurus out there and plenty of experts to choose from, Gregory feels there are four key areas to focus on when looking to use internet marketing to enhance your business and earning potential.

  1.  Be Yourself

To many people are trying to reinvent the wheel and be what everyone else is trying to be.  What you need to be doing is showing everyone who you really are, what your likes and dislikes are, and what showcasing your unique talents.  The authenticity behind everything you do will resonate with an audience and with over 7 billion people on planet earth, there is plenty of audience to go around.  Don’t attract what you hope to be, attract who you are and what you need to be.

  1.  Be Consistent

With the emergence of social media as the new way people do business, prospect for more clients, and create brands and products, it is important to create consistent content that your audience or target market can consume.  What this consistency will do is build comfort with your audience, identify your buying market, and truly help to enhance your brand presence.  This is one of the most important things you can do when building your brand and especially building that brand online.

  1.  Build Thick Skin

When you begin creating consistent content and posting it on social channel giants like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat you will begin to not only pick up an audience but you will also pick up those critics who might not see the bigger picture with your content.  At the same time,  these critics will also try to invalidate you internet marketing plans.  For some, these critics could even be those closest to you like family and friends.  What you have to do is build that thick skin to criticism, that isn’t constructive, and continue to push towards your goals and continuing to create and post your content.

  1.  Be Prepared For Your Opportunity

This is truly a culmination of the three previous principles coming together and ending up offering you the opportunity to close a new sale, secure a new lead, or even get more brand exposure.  Being prepared for your opportunity is a testament to your hard work, your consistent behaviors of creating content, and truly being yourself so that you can identify a true target market and listening audience.  To break it down in simple terms, being prepared for your opportunity is really being ready to close.  Like the saying goes “always be closing” and this pertains to always being prepared to close each and every opportunity your create.

As you can see, Gregory has a very simple outlook on how to start creating more opportunities to generate money, tap into the online marketplace, and start building your brand on social media.  What Gregory did was utilize the talents he developed through direct sales and network marketing to generate the skills needed to now launch himself as the go-to for internet marketing.  Gregory is going to make a huge splash on the internet marketing landscape in 2017 and I suggest that everyone hold on tight because it is going to be a fun ride.

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